XU ZHI is a London-based luxury label with a contemporary attitude to both aesthetic and craftsmanship. Founded in 2014, the approach from the start has been focused on simplicity through intricacy, projecting an unmistakable level of quality for both the trained and untrained eye. With material innovation at the heart of every piece, XU ZHI not only creates designs synonymous with the brand, but has also developed a construction technique unique to the atelier. This has resulted in niche and retail success, resonating in both European and Asian markets. As well as this, XU ZHI continues to experiment with both material and technique, showcasing collections in London, Paris, Milan and China. The brand is currently stocked globally in top boutiques with stockist list growing each season.


Xuzhi Chen is a fashion designer graduating from Central Saint Martins with a BA degree in Womenswear Design course and once worked at J.W.Anderson and Craig Green. In 2014, he established his own fashion brand XU ZHI in London. With its exquisite design and unique technique, the brand has received unanimous recognition within the industry in a short period of time. The designer himself has been nominated for LVMH Prize, International Woolmark Prize, H&M Design Award and many other significant fashion design awards. In 2017, Xuzhi Chen was named by Forbes as the receiver of magazine’s 30 Under 30 list in Asia area.

A/W 2020

XU ZHI 2020秋冬系列的灵感源自于七十年代Patti Smith 和 Robert Mapplethorpe的故事,是为专属于青年人的欲望与骚动、奋进与挣扎所谱写的一首赞歌,也是对人与人之间既紧密又疏离的关系的诗意刻画。“从 West Village 走到 East Village, 在 Washington square 坐在喷泉里看着大学生们跳舞,在全白窗帘外逃生楼梯喝酒,看着Nolita 的街道,看着相互脱离却有着微妙连接的纽约人,想起了70年代的 Patti Smith和 Robert Mapplethorpe.”设计师陈序之如此回忆起去年九月在纽约的情形。

XU ZHI 2020 秋冬系列发布将与艺术时尚发布组织XCOMMONS合作,于4月15日推出「PARALLEL REALITY. 平行现实 共创未知」沉浸式线上虚拟时装发布。线上虚拟发布将会用CG 的形式还原传统时装秀场的体验和仪式感。XUZHI为此次线上发布创作了一只艺术概念影片,同时虚拟秀场也与秋冬系列创作灵感结合而打造出。