Mushroom Song founded WMWM studio in Shanghai in 2015. Mushroom’s creation process is based on the costume material itself and its exquisite tailoring. On the one hand, she thinks about the meaning that the costume can be worn and given by the different experience people. On the other hand, Mushroom explores the balance and uniqueness of the neutral atmosphere. The visual sensation that WMWM presents is as quiet as air. Mushroom always agrees with the sentence “quiet has a kind of power” to remove excess, and it can also capture subtle interest from calmness. The compact XXXL size neutral contours and cool cuts are WMWM’s signature design aesthetics. With its sensitivity to deconstruction, contours and proportions, the designer creates sleek, sculptural contours and detailed designs, capturing the subtle inner strength in the quiet aura, and also using Love for classics to present the moment.


Mushroom Song graduated from London College of Fashion . She founded WMWM studio in Shanghai in 2015. She participated in London Fashion Week in February 2015. She was elected to the Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week WMWM 2016S/S in September. Her first series after graduation participated in Shanghai Fashion Week.