PH5 is a brand set out to challenge the conventional view on knitwear and tell the world that knitwear is more than just a winter fabric. Knitwear is breathable, lightweight, colorful and fashion forward. Backed by a highly competent manufacturer, PH5 acts as a laboratory pushing the boundaries of knitwear in fresh and inspired ways. Dedicated to developing our own stitch techniques, PH5 is rede ning the market with an innovative approach that celebrates all things knit.


Mijia Zhang

Parson trained Mijia Zhang has a particular interest in innovative, high tech textiles and technical developments. After winning Kering’s third annual “Empowering Imagination” student design compeition in 2014, Mijia apprenticed with British designer Christopher Kane before joining Nike as a color designer for footwear. In 2015, Mijia became the creative director for PH5. Mijia’s design aesthetic is colorful and futuristic with a playful twist.

Wei Lin

Wei and Mijia were roommates living in nancial district. While Mijia was studying at Parsons, Wei worked as a business consultant at Deloitte Consulting. She came to New York after graduating from Babson College in Wellesley, Massachusetts with a degree in Business and Entrepreneurship. Wei’s family owns a knitwear factory in China. In 2014, Wei felt the calling to go back to family business and create this fashion label utilizing the factory’s technology. So Wei and Mijia joined forces in 2015 and produced their rst New York Fashion Week presentation in Fall 2016.

S/S 2021

PH5的2021度假系列的灵感来源于艺术家Spencer Tunick的一系列关于探讨人与社群,以及人与自然的行为艺术作品。在新冠疫情的大背景下,今年全世界所有人都经历过短暂或者长时间的隔离生活。这个时候,我们对融入社群和亲近大自然格外的渴望。想要跟人有亲密接触成为很多人暂时无法达到的心愿,而这也是我们设计这个系列的初心。我们想把人们对于社群生活的渴望通过我们的设计传达出来。2021度假系列中彩色的格子系列和密密麻麻的珠片代表着一个个个体,而通过把这些单一的格子和单一的珠片组合起来,我们又让整件衣服的设计变得生动和有序。