Studio Aubruino is a creative studio founded by two Royal College of Arts designers Aubrey Wang and Chih Chiu in 2016 in London. The studio since then has been involved in producing a collection of clothing, installation and the performance arts. Trough different media, their work is exploring the value of techno-fashion and wearable technology in today’s society as well as contradictions which come along with such technology. The ultimate goal is to develop the infinite possibilities for the future fashion industry. AUBRUINO studio has been privileged to participate in a number of cross-boundary collaborations with other artists and brands from a variety of artistic fields. Among most noticeable AUBRUINO collaborators are French perfume brand Nina Ricci and musician Kazy Lambist.
In June 2017, Studio AUBRUINO was invited to make their first public appearance in China. Under a mysterious tittle (Hu Lu Ting), AUBRUINO brings their “feeding machine” device, interactive performance for the audience. The exhibition consisted from two parts: a magical and surrealist restaurant. The first part constitutes one visual presentation of the story, devices and costumes, everything in a video format projected onto walls. The second part was an interactive, experimental performance in combination with possibility of audience to experience the feeding device.
Within this exhibition AUBRUINO studio tried to address important social issues, but they took an aproach of humor and a sense of absurd, which provided a greater accessibility to their ideas.


毕业于英国皇家艺术学院的设计师Aubrey Wang(王馨曈),在校期间一直参与各种电影视觉和set design的工作。带着对于装置和服装的共同热爱,于2016年在伦敦成立工作室AUBRUINO。

A/W 2020

机械花园2.0是AUBRUINO 20秋冬系列的最终章。
从 艺术家Miroslaw Balka 的作品<“play pit”游戏池>中获得灵感,作品将充满童趣的塑料球放在黑色花岗岩盒子中,两种承载着不同的体感和信息的材质,宛如一个温柔而讽刺的陷阱:我们从天真无邪的怀抱中脱离,走向无法预见结果的终点。植物的生命同样拥有高潮与结尾,「创造物」虽然可以用永恒的方式存在,但却无法体会生命周期里的高潮和低谷。(参见AUBRUINO1.0内容)在机械花园的系列中,AUBRUINO将对「花」女孩的想象倾注于未来,是「花」女孩走出浪漫天真,渴望拥抱真实个性的过程。