MARRKNULL is a womenswear brand based in Beijing. Wang Wei and Shi Tian respectively created MARRKNULL together in 2015. MARRKNULL’S spirit concerns the edge of the Chinese culture and it’s marginal groups. Being adept at integrating multiculturalism in clothing by innovative deconstruction, they pay attention to structural changes in clothing.

With their extreme pattern making and silhouette, they express their unique views and perspectives of the society, breaking the limits of gender. They hope to show new youth culture through the expression of conflict and contradiction in clothing, breaking the tradition and expressing themselves.


设计师王隈和时天分别毕业于北京服装学院服装工程与设计专业和中央美术学院建筑专业,于 2015 年共同创立品牌 MARRKNULL。他们希望将建筑中的设计思维融入品牌设计之中,与当代的社会文化和现象进行有机结合,注重整体结构造型的变化,试图用来探索人与人之间的微妙关系。