Founded by a couple designer in Paris , ÉCRIVAIN is a new brand focus on creating a new look for independent young girls who represent the enjoyment , restraint and intentional pursuit of inadvertence.
The collection 2018 Spring summer – Intro , is a basic introduction of the style of ÉCRIVAIN , which is asymmetric tailoring detail and a modern way of minimalism .
For the next few collections in the future, ÉCRIVAIN will create the collection in a poetic and artistic way in order to ‘ write’ a ‘book ‘ who tells many fantastic stories of different peoples .


The founder and designer of ÉCRIVAIN, 47 and 6, met in Paris, where is the center of fashion design . The similarity of taste of life and the aesthetic consistency make them together.

After a few years work in some french brands , based on the rich experience, the couple decide to creat their own label PORTRAIT PARIS (now ÉCRIVAIN) in 2016. As the life and also the work partner , 47 and 6 want to present the Parisien Style in a creative way with controling the quality and the balence between design and market.

A/W 2020

此季灵感来源于器物,空间及艺术作品当中的具有曲线弧形设计的细节。从Valentine Schlegel的空间,到Simone Bodmer Turner的form系列列雕塑作品,和Charlyn Reyes的系列花瓶,再到Ronan Bouroullec有饱满色块的艺术作品,以及Ernö Goldfinger和一众家居设计大师的arm chairs,当中的曲线与圆弧的美,是所有艺术家们灵感迸发的高光时刻。在其创作过程中,这些arc form的出现,更多的是度的把握与形态的克制,在平衡之中萃炼出的最优美舒适的形态。ÉCRIVAIN则在此间寻找出了属于自己的语⾔,将“圆,弧,曲”等元素融入设计细节当中,配以灰粉,淡柠绿,茶褐,深灰等⾊系,将一个温暖安静的“Arc Moment”呈现出来。