GARÇON BY GARÇON means teenage boy or young man, In this young period that every adult ever past through.They always feel curious about the unknown world, This is the original intention to create the brand. This brand is to sell the ready-to-wear clothes, all the alternative in each season will record your interesting experiences and the memories of growing up. Pursuit young forever define its brand GARÇON BY GARÇON, this brand is not only designed for the young people who love the original design feelings, but also for experienced adults with vitality a better option.


He was graduated from Studio Bercot in Paris,France,his major was Fashion design. After graduation, he started work as designer in Maison Margiela. He ever joined designing Spring 2015 couture and Fall 2015 Ready-to-wear, and ever designed Rihanna and Cate Blanchett a custom-made evening dress.

A/W 2021


2021秋冬系列将继续延续公元前5世纪所形成的希腊、波斯的 “古典文化”风格,同时融合东方传统美学, 构建奇妙而浪漫的太阳系少年形象。本季通过不同材质与面料创造出新的“太阳式”的褶涧,形象地表达了太阳光芒的放射状态和火焰燃烧时的跳动触角;着色由炽热的大地色泽为主,火苗燃烧的红、大地的蓝绿也将围绕太阳而生;特别定制的植绒、环保皮草、斑斓的刺绣、奇妙的原创手绘图案⋯⋯跳动元素组合构成戛赫松少年的太阳荷尔蒙。