音:tension,指织布时经纱的松紧程度—也是创始人Amber与Sanchia同一中文姓氏不同拼写方式的组合。二人以“织”为设计的原点,在创作的过程中深入探索材料和肌理;以梭织工 艺为叙事方式,融合传统工艺与现代科技,构筑并诠释文化与时空的纽带,强调美学基础之上织物设计与功能的思考。

TANCHEN studio is a joint adventure that focuses on woven material as its practice. Our process-based approach in design allows the exploration of new material and tactility. We use weave as medium to integrate tradition and craft with technology and we seek to bridge narratives of different cultures, space and time through contemporary inter- pretations.


陈殷珏(Amber Chen)是一位生活工作于上海的织物设计师。她的设计以感官体验为切入点、 以精密的面料构成为核心,围绕色彩、质地与情绪,利用不同材料的差异性排列组合,探索 概念与美学兼备的织物艺术。她擅长运用手工梭织和提花机织,以生活的细枝末节作为灵感 来源,用抽象的方式表达具象的肌理。 她本科毕业于英国中央圣马丁面料设计系,硕士毕业于皇家艺术学院织物面料系,作品展于 伦敦设计周,Burberry未来材料研究中心等。

Sanchia Tan(陈凤翔) 是一位现居新加坡的织物艺术家,她于2016年毕业于英国中央圣马丁面 料系,同年在伦敦New Designer和布鲁塞尔MOOD展出作品。她以织物为记录媒介,探索构 建与解构,秩序与衰变。

Amber Yinjue Chen, currently based in Shanghai, is an experiential focus woven textile artist with a core in textile engineering. Amber’s work emphasises composition through subtlety in colour, texture and mood. There’s also a speculating approach to the aesthetic driven design.
Amber received her MA from the Royal College of Art in Textiles in 2018. Amber previously studied for a BA in Textile Design at the Central Saint Martins and holds a BA in Womenswear Design from Raffles Design Institute Singapore.
With a background in fashion, she merges the understanding of construction garments and fabric, continuing to explore application of her textile practice regardless of the border in between contexts. In her studio practice, Amber uses her modern woven language to translate experiences into materiality. She creates both hand woven and jacquard pieces with an in-depth thinking of construction and transformation of the volume of material.

Sanchia Fengxian Tan is a textile artist currently based in Singapore. In 2016, She graduated from Central St Martins in Textile Design, specialising in Weave. She also exhibited in New Designers London and at Mo0D Brussels in the same year. Central to her work is the notion of mark making through woven material- exploring the correlation between construction and disintegration, order and decay.