SIRLOIN is a Shanghai based International label founded by the Japanese – Swedish duo – Mao Usami and Alve Lagercrantz. The Brand celebrates the importance of laziness and stupid elegance, a Philosophy based on humorous criticism on everyday life. The designers’ vision is to redesign the wardrobe “literally” from inside out owning underwater that matches with your favourite buffet is what we considered as the ultimate luxury.


Mao Usami 和 Alve Lagercrantz 均毕业于中央圣马丁学院,并各自曾在 Louis Vuitton 和 Dries Van Noten 担任设计师,随后在上海 建立了自己的品牌。在短短几季中,他们吸引了各界的关注,成为了连卡佛“创意集结号”的获胜者,并获得 10 Asian Designers to Watch 奖项。