RODERICWONG 品牌最初由设计师夫妇 Roderic 和 Rina 于 2012 年在新加坡成立,2016 年在上海重设工作室并开启高级成衣线。Roderic 在校期间便潜心专研版型结构剪裁,后又通过出色的面料改造技术得到在新加 坡举行的 STAR CREATION 国际赛事的大奖。但Roderic 也一度对王尔德提出的关于时装的悖伦感到困惑,希望投身同样热爱的建筑设计,而 Rina 引用伍尔夫《牛津街之潮》的话,这个时代的一切都不是 build to last,而是 build to past,好的设计带给人当下的感受和颤动则确是永恒的,Roderic 回想曾提出的微空间造型的概念,服装可以是人的第二层皮肤,也是人在外界空间的第一层建筑,决心将喜爱的现 代主义建筑设计思想的根基融入 RODERICWONG 品牌的 DNA,给摩登都市女性超越空间、时间和性别的美好而流动的体验。


Roderic Wong
Designer & Founder

The eponymous founder,designer and technique director. With ultra clean lines, outstanding fabric manipulation design and the sophisticated commercial value, Roderic’s collection favorably won the first place of Audi Star Creation and Audi Young Designer Award in his year of graduation, hired by well-known luxury retailing cooperation F.J.Benjamin in Singapore,and established his own brand at the same time. Next year his Capsule collection showcased in Asian Fashion Festival with financial support from the company, and highly appreciated by the buyers from all over the world. In 2016, Lumentex Studios was established in Shanghai by Roderic and provides design solutions and technique support, meanwhile getting ready to launch the pret-a-porter line RODERIC WONG.

Rina Tam

Co-founder, designer and coo. Of RODERIC WONG. Ms.. Tam graduated in business management from Sydney Institute of Language and Commerce, later also gained Bachelor of fashion design in DHU (former Textile University of China). Before she started her career in fashion design, Rina served as a board secretary of investment management enterprise and market director in culture media companies. Her Business background and extensive experience in creative industry makes her a crucial member of the entrepreneurial team of RODERIC WONG. In 2017, with Rina’s full devotion, the pret-a-porter line of RODERIC WONG officially re-launched.