In 2017, Yin Jingwei founded OUDE WAAG. The spirit of the brand comes from personal aesthetic journalism and non-linear creation and refinement. OUDE WAAG spontaneously generates relationships through rich aesthetic elements and clothing. It expresses the delicate relationship between the human body and the clothing, as well as the flexible and multifaceted character. It constantly explores the structure of fabrics and clothing, using aesthetic empathy and clothing experience. There is a private and interactive relationship and sense of belonging between the wearer and the clothing.


The designer Yin Jingwei graduated from Central Saint Martins in the United Kingdom and worked as an intern at Haider Ackermann, Chalayan. In 2016, he was recruited into the Master of Arts in Fashion Design by the Royal College of Art and Fashion, and he completed the first year of the course with a perfect score. In 2017, Yin Jingwei released his master’s degree series “Journal of Paradox” on the first day of Men’s Wear Week in London. The series was selected by Vogue Italia “Vogue Talents 2017”.