The essential of MINJUKIM is simply to make the person who wears the clothes to be joyful and to introduce a new world to the women with the imaginative mind. With a mixture of great interest in drawing and fantasticalfigures and the combination of the ideal silhouette with
an array of textures in her clothes, MINJUKIM can be defined as extraordinary, without losing the quality of the wearable high fashion. MINJUKIM is a contemperary woman’s wear designer brand maintainging for four years and this collection will be our 11th collection. The strongest competitive edge of MINJUKIM compare to other young designer’s brands would be fabrication fully developed by us based on the designer using different techniques suitable for each season’s concept. Every season we present new fabrication and shapes which can tell a story of Minju’s very personal drawing.


设计师Kim Minju自英国皇家艺术学院本科毕业后又继续攻读硕士。其在硕士期间所创作的系列就卖入了Opening Ceremony;2013年赢得H&M DESIGN AWARD,并获得和H&M合作系列的机会;随后于2014年入围LVMH PRIZE半决赛名单;2015年荣获Fashion Scout Ones To Watch;同年参与SM Entertainment旗下当红女子组合Red Velvet MV造型创作,并与其合作系列产品;2020年在Netflix 新推出的‘Next in fashion’节目中,Minju凭借其优秀的能力斩获冠军。除此之外,MINJUKIM亦与迪士尼、防弹少年团(BTS)均有跨界合作项目。

A/W 2021

2021年的秋冬系列灵感来源是电影《剪刀手爱德华》,用片中经由爱德华之手剪出的兔子剪纸作为索引,以 Edward’s Christmas 为主题,呈现出一份童话般的圣诞礼。风格独特的印花配以本季明亮和暗黑相结合的色彩,趣味性的廓形, 让整个系列在不同元素的交融与碰撞中再度演绎《剪刀手爱德华》这部电影的童话的浪漫场景和痛苦结局的明与暗。