CISSY SHI is a jewelry brand that is made for women from a woman’s point of view.
Created by designer Cissy Shi in 2016, the epony- mous label aspires to captivate the creative energy of the modern woman in all of her idiosyncrasies, distinct points of view, and resilience.
Drawing from the fluid identities and sensitivities of the fashion and design-conscious women around her, Cissy Shi continues to find inspiration from her daily interaction with her environment and the dynamic creative energy that radiates from within. Each piece is borne from Cissy Shi’s imaginative translation of universal shapes and motifs into wearable objects that contain all the attitude, daring fashion, fun and sense of humor that can be transmitted by a small piece of carved metal.
In Cissy Shi’s universe, jewelry is not merely a piece of pretty adornment – it is a vessel that carries and expresses the wearer’s emotions, memories, and dreams.