BOUNDARYLESS is a high wearable unisex fashion brand. Longing for freedom and achieve individual identity are the principle for boundaryless. There’s never been a better time to be yourself. As society dismantles gender stereotypes, ‘genderless’ is rebranded to ‘genderful’ – A positive identity that is unique to each person, constantly evolving and inclusive of all forms of self-expression. BOUNDARYLESS trying through fashion to express the concept of ‘genderful’, break the gender prejudice, strive to set up a new young fashion culture without prejudice and distinguish, a new kind of young fashion culture without defining by age and gender.


2014 Short Course. Textile Design and Print workshop in Chelsea College of Arts University of Arts London | 2015 The second year in LCF, have take apart in both “liberty London” Japanese culture and “Alexander Mcqueen” new line’s research and design | 2016 Graduate from BA Fashion Design and Development in London College of Fashion, London | 2016 Win the LCF Fashion Matters Undergraduate Final Project Award | 2017 Set up a independent fashion brand of Boundaryless | 2017 Join in China Designer Association