ANGUS CHIANG was founded in 2015
and it is a brand that upholds the contemporary and gender neutral style, while adding Taiwanese culture into its design references. The designer’s unique sense of aesthetic and humor are blended into the clothes, and it injects new life into Taiwan fashion culture.


Angus Chiang graduated from Shih-Chien University in 2013. His graduation collection work “Sailing to the Moon” competed in the London Graduation Fashion Week on behalf of Taiwan, and won him first place in the 2013 International Show Award among twenty other global top fashion design schools. In 2017, with the brand’s third fall winter collection “Prom King and His Flowers”, Angus was nominated for the Top 21 Young Fashion Designer in LVMH Prize, which is one of the most influential events in fashion industry.

In the same year, with his fourth collection “She and Their Red Lips”, Angus entered the official Paris Men’s Fashion Week to carry forward his brand’s spirits and to continue debuting his creations.

A/W 2020

ANGUS CHIANG 2020秋冬系列围绕着现代科技为设计主轴,首次与HTC及VIVE Arts跨界合作,透过台北与巴黎艺术团队支援将VR与AR虚实结合于本季时装秀场。
“VR”以体验形式讲述着我们都像是一个个被临时储存的资讯,随时都将面临被删除的命运;无名小站、WINDOWS95、PTT、奇摩家族、映像管电视,这些元素盘据在我们过去的生活之中,也是大家的共同回忆,如今,记忆文明的居民们随着时间的流逝而被封存,储存在一张张记忆卡之中。秀场参与体验的宾客透过 HTC VIVE Pro 虚拟实境装置将回返过去,深入这个如迷宫般的微观世界,透过记忆卡的搜集,释放出记忆居民,带领居民们一起进入通往『现在』的时空通道。
“AR”则是以秀场互动形式,透过手机软体AngusReality可将秀场的服装经过对位运算而呈现出不同形式的图像设计。使用手机扫描服装上与秀场中的AW20视觉标志,一窥安格斯江隐藏版的视觉内容,像是独家2D、3D 影像与本季制作幕后花絮; 又甚至让秀场背景转换成电影般的特效背景,将过去的回忆与当下的科技、生活重新混合,而产生了安格斯江新季度对服装的混合新生,欢迎进入安格斯江的想像世界。