AETNA PROJECT is a high-end womenswear brand that interprets contemporary sophisticated women’s garments from classical aesthetics. It was co-founded in Shanghai by designers Feng Linjing and Liu Shiyuan in 2019. Aetna is the name of an active volcano in Sicily, Italy. When the two designers went together to Sicily to watch the sunrise, they were deeply moved by the glimmering but gorgeous scenery of Aetna volcano, hence they decided to name the brand after it. The brand combines simple and practical shape, exquisite pattern and details, and vivid color and printing, which infuses rich imagination into women’s daily clothing. It is intended to remind customers of a classical and romantic lady full of confidence and wisdom.


LINJING FENG: FENG earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in womenswear design in the UK.
During her undergraduate studies, she had internship at such brands as ROKSANDA and Emilio de la
Moren in London, and then worked as a womenswear designer at COMME MOI in Shanghai. After
three years of work, she gained a deep insight into brand architecture and models, and then went to the
London College of Fashion to pursue her master’s degree. She graduated and founded the brand in
SHIYUAN LIU: LIU earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in womenswear design in the UK and Hong
Kong. She used to work at Jonathan Saunders studio in London after finishing her bachelor’s degree.
After getting the master’s degree in 2016, he worked at LABELHOOD in Shanghai and later served as a
visual marketing manager. Three years of working experience helped her accumulate rich experience in
operation and promoting designer brands, and developed a comprehensive understanding of the market.
In 2019, she got down to founding the brand.